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Abies, Eagle fern, Heather, Lichen


- Abies alba -

For Totem, it comes from wild pickings in the Périgord Region

A fir, common in Northern Europe, has always been associated with birth. 

Evergreen trees represented the immortality of the soul, and the fir tree protected the beginning of life. It represents the link between the spiritual and the material.

It is considered by the Inland F as the medicine of the forest, an anti-infective of the respiratory and urinary tract, antiseptic and expectorant; it also has calming and healing virtues. Young shoots, on the other hand, have properties 

antibiotics and expectorants. Among the Celts, the fir tree is the symbol of renewed hope.

In fumigation, it helps with concentration and serves as a spiritual protector.

Eagle Fern

 - Pteridium aquilinum -

For Totem, it comes from wild pickings in the Périgord Region

This fern is a symbol of life, capable of being reborn when it seems dead. It is one of the first plants to appear on earth. In Japan, Russia, as in France, young fern shoots are eaten cooked, and appreciated for their nutritional richness. In the past, laundry and soap were made from the ashes. It is known for its deworming and insect repellent properties. All ferns carry energy associated with purification and protection. Historically, the fern has been the companion of druids, magicians and sorcerers. 

From the Middle Ages, when cut during the night of St. John's Day, it was known to protect against evil spirits. It is said that it attracts luck and fortune...


- Calluna vulgaris -

For Totem, it comes from wild pickings in the Périgord Region 

In the past, in Wales and Scotland, beer was made with heather, the properties of which were praised as invigorating. 

Traditionally, it was used as a painkiller against rheumatism and gout, as well as for its anti-inflammatory properties. Today, it is said to be the plant of the urinary tract: it is a diuretic and a urogenital antiseptic. 

The bees that forage it, produce excellent honey, which has the same properties as flowers. In addition, the soil on which the plant decomposes makes a potting soil called "heather soil". The druids considered fumigated heather as a magical plant, bringing luck and protection!

Icelandic Lichen

- Cetraria islandica -

For Totem, it comes from wild pickings in the Périgord Region

Appearing 400 million years ago, the Lichen is the symbiosis of an algae and a fungus.

It has many virtues: anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, it can treat sore throat, dry cough,asthma or bronchitis. It stimulates appetite, facilitates digestion and fights vomiting.

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