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The experience of the fumigation ritual:

A bouquet of magical plants with a wild and singular scent to be consumed slowly...

A gift that feels good, smells good and is beautiful


Our       bouquets


AB certified

An Olfactory Journey

«There are fresh perfumes, like children's smell, 

Soft as oboes, green as meadows,

- And others, corrupt, rich and triumphant 

, […].

Baudelaire (Correspondances - Les Fleurs du Mal)

Basic Agreements

Our plants and flowers, are not only chosen and picked for their medicinal virtues, but also for their wild and original scents that take us beyond our walls.


A True Gift

Synonymous with the pleasure to share, these bouquets make for quite a unique gift: “they bring a little nature into the home”.   

Care, Perfume

Enjoy the natural virtues of plants, which will bring you serenity, energy and relaxation. 

Your home interior will be scented without toxicity. Each bouquet is imbued with a magic, reinforced by the animal totem associated with it. 


Moreover, unlike classic bouquets, these aromatic bouquets will last a long time…

With daily use, they will aromatize and sanitize the home interior for well over a month.


Ancre Totem

The Animal TOTEM

An Ally

A totem pole is originally an animal, a plant or a mineral that you choose as your protector or spiritual guide.


A link between the world above and the world below, the invisible and the visible.

The Soul of the Forest

One can imagine it as our reflection of the animal world, our “soul of the forest”. It resembles us by its character, and imposes itself on us like an echo, an attraction and a feeling of attachment.


One thus has a privileged link with the animal with whom one has associated: he is an ally to whom we can call on to attract to us his strengths, his talents. 

He is our superhero of the animal world, in a manner of speak.

Galerie TOTEM