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The Deer

Described as “half-beast, half-forest”,” by French poet Pierre de Ronsard, the deer, next to the bear, is the largest of our wild animals. Since the dawn of time, he has been: “king of the forest”. His majesty, antlers and fertility give it unparalleled power over the imagination of men.


His rack, whose name in French evokes the trees, fall and grow back every year. The perpetual resurgence of his rack and the dazzling growth of it, make the deer the symbol of rebirth, growth and the life cycle par excellence. 


The totem animal of the deer brings its grace, softness and agility to deal with any delicate subject.  Throughout history, kings of France such as Clovis or Charlemagne report having seen a deer, a saving apparition, in crucial moments of their lives. The deer has a guiding role to find a way out in a dead end.

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