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The woman with the TOTEM Bouquets:

Josephine is a graduate of the School of Decorative Arts in Paris. As a Creative Director in various art companies, she has devoted her last twenty years to working as a Graphics Art Designer, for various individual clients, other companies and prestigious design agencies,

Inspired by her resurfacing Gers peasant family origins and enriched by her artistic sense, she now asserts her own identity. Driven by her passion for nature in its raw state she has created "TOTEM Nature".

Josephine rapidly felt the need to reconnect with nature. All the more so as her Gers peasant family origins had impressed her childhood. The passion transmitted to her then, resurfaced and made her feel like bringing raw nature into her bouquets…

She wants to bring nature back to us: the smells created by the sun beating on the forest, on its undergrowth or on the Corsican Maquis. It’s her dream that we take care of others beautifully, that we do ourselves good with her bouquets, that we offer them generously, that we rediscover the universal and forgotten history of aromatic fumigation.


In the curling smoke of each bouquet, while it burns, we benefit from the virtue of its kept secret knowledge.

Josephine invites us to be the little magicians of the past, who open a serene imaginary and sweet smelling window…


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